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Any file you may download is provided 'as is', without any kind of warranty, neither implicit or explicit. Xailer team is not responsible for any possible damage that these files could cause.

On most cases files uploaded are contributions from other users. Xailer does not make any kind of control to those files so use them at your own risk. Is your responsibility to check for malware inside those files.

We recommend to be highly cautious with the download of any executable file.

We request your feedback to delete any file that could violate any copyright. TIA.

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Xailer releases

Official Xailer file releases

  File name Author Date Xailer version Filesize
Download xailer823.exe

Xailer 8.2.3

Xailer 8.2.3 53.51 MB
Download harbour32setup7.exe

Harbour 3.2 to be used jointly with Xailer 7 (INCLUDES MINGW). Version 3.2.0dev (r1912031042) & MinGW 7.3 7.0 44.64 MB
Download xEdit801.exe

xEdit 8.0.1

Xailer 8.0.1 7.90 MB
Download xaSQLite.exe

SQLITE database editor. Is the same module of Xailer IDE, but build as a independent executable. Includes bulk DBF import and MySQL/MariaDB export. NEW: SQL assistant.

Xailer 1.82 MB
Download xascript.exe

Scripting for Xailer with xHarbour and Harbour 3.0

Xailer 1.49 MB
Download libcef.rar

CEF Browser control support files 12.43 MB
Download xharbour2.exe

xHarbour for Xailer 2.x

Xailer, 2.85 MB
Download frx.exe

FastReport for [x]Harbour. Libraries to manage FastReport from Harbour and xHarbour and on any GUI framework or even in console mode. FastReport vesion 4.15

OZ Software & Ramón Argüelles 9.35 MB
Download XailerDebug.rar

Libraries to debug any Harbour program from XEdit. It works for any console program o even other GUIs for Harbour. You can set breakpoints, execute step by step, inspect variables, evaluate expressions, etc. Available for MinGW and BCC++. Documentation included in spanish.

Xailer 1001.60 KB
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