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Download BCleanerX.rar

Delete Cache, History and Cookies in some browsers.

Cassiano 3.0 82.17 KB
Download EnvioEmail.rar

Sample of how to send emails with multiple attachments.

Cassiano 3.0 16.63 KB
Download Sedex.rar

Sample is a project that captures the webservices return through the site of Brazil´s Post office.

Cassiano 3.0 18.94 KB
Download Agenda.rar

Phonebook with BD in MariaDB, Add, Change, Delete, Search, Print, StatusBar, ToolBar, Control Panel, DBBrowse, MemDataSet, etc..

Cassiano de Oliveira 3.0 408.53 KB
Download ConsultaCDX.rar

Example query letter by letter or using wildcards * or ? to refine the search. In this example I'm using the function OrdWildSeek for CDX index files. Credits to Mr. Toledo Forum Clipper On Line Brazil

Cassiano de Oliveira 3.0 1.12 MB
Download FRDemo.rar

FastReport preview on Xailer form

Xailer Inc. 3.0 3.74 MB

Programa de demostración de lectura por el puerto serie, para Harbour + MinGw

José Ramón Castro 3.0 8.10 KB

Example of using the Haru Free PDF Library

FrankSoft 3.0 226.21 KB

Example of using the Haru Free PDF Library

FrankSoft 3.0 226.21 KB
Download MailSlot Cliente -Servidor .7z

Ejemplos originales de MailSlot de Xailer modificados para mostrar como trabaja con máquinas en red, también se puede poner como destinatario el nombre del grupo de trabajo.

Alejandro Vitalini 3.1 2.99 KB
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