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Third party utilities

  File name Author Date Xailer version Filesize
Download Manual_harbour.pdf

Manual en pdf de harbour


Client access library for MariaDB (libmariadb.dll)

MariaDB 640.25 KB
Download ConfigurarImpresora.rar

Set paper type, width and height of a printer when Xailer standard system. Especially for ticket printers

Joan Ramón Tur 2.0 1.26 KB
Download libcomplements (xailer 3 mingw).rar

Complements is a library to handle a data model with Xailer. Allow the creation of lists of objects (ArrayList) that can be handled with style Java ListIterator or xBase style with navigator. Using the string class to encapsulate all string handling functions in the object and by dtDate class simplifies the use of Date and DateTime data type.

José Alfonso Suárez 3.0 11.54 KB
Download ClientSock.rar

Socket client for Xailer 3.0+Harbour+MinGW.

José Alfonso Suárez Moreno 3.0 1.10 KB
Download Convertir Rtf a

Sometimes we need to convert RTF text, that is the most decent way we can write our applications, to HTML text for presentation on websites, on mobile phones or just to send an email, but the methods of Xailer for this purpose are based on converters Microsoft and must have an Office installed and install Office libraries that do not come by default, a mess. With this system I propose to make this with 2 small libraries DLL (200Kb total) freeware and a call from our programs to achieve conversion: #pragma BEGINDUMP #include "Windows.h" #include "Xailer.h" typedef int __stdcall (* EXRTF2WEB) (const char* source, const char* dest, int options, const char* title, const char* bgcolor, int dpi); HB_FUNC( RTF2HTML ) // --> Rtf2Html( cFileRTF, cHTML, nOptions, cBackColor, cTitle, nDPI ) -> nResult OJO nDPI es obligatorio y como mínimo 30 Ejemplo Rtf2Html( "RtfFile.Rtf", "HtmlFile.Html", 7, , , 96 ) { HINSTANCE inst; EXRTF2WEB proc; int ret = 0; inst=LoadLibrary( (LPCTSTR)"irun.dll"); if(inst) { proc=(EXRTF2WEB)GetProcAddress(inst,(LPCTSTR)"EXRTF2WEB"); if(proc) ret=(*proc)( hb_parc( 1 ), hb_parc( 2 ), hb_parnl( 3 ), hb_parc( 4 ), hb_parc( 5 ), hb_parnl( 6 ) ); FreeLibrary(inst); } hb_retnl( ret ); }

Bingen Ugaldebere 412.58 KB
Download DbfToMdb.exe

DBF to MDB conversor. Completely visual, but parameters can be passed Parameters: /i: Mask;Mask2;...;MaskN /o: File.MDB For example /i:c:\temp\*.dbf;c:\temp2\clients.dbf /o:Access.mdb

OZ Software 1.04 MB

Utility to sign PDF file through PKCS12 digital signature License: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)

icomedias GmbH Martin Bene 5.0 1.25 MB

Utility for downloading youtube videos, and converting to mp3. Generates a batch file GetVideos.bat, which consists of command lines that will find all of the videos from your favorite Youtube channels, and convert them mp3. The purpose is to save time searching through Youtube, for the videos you're interesting in, so you can listen immediately while working. The command line for downloading and converting, makes a call to youtube-dl and ffmpeg. These can be found at and There will be a separate utility in the Download area, for editing the YTCFG table, that this utility uses. See Readme.txt file for more information. NOTE: Remember to go back on Youtube at your leisure, perhaps on the weekend, and click and LIKE the specific videos that peaked your interest. Some of the channels are monetized, and they derive income by viewing the actual videos. (You don't have to actually BE there, while the video is running, if you have already listened to the mp3.)

DC 6.2 1.16 MB
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