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On most cases files uploaded are contributions from other users. Xailer does not make any kind of control to those files so use them at your own risk. Is your responsibility to check for malware inside those files.

We recommend to be highly cautious with the download of any executable file.

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Third party utilities

  File name Author Date Xailer version Filesize

Direct Email send from Xailer (with no need of any Mail client). Necessary for the use of Xailer TBlatMail class.

Public domain 147.56 KB
Download rmchart.exe

Graphic generator ActiveX, specially recommended for Xailer

Rainer Morgen 1.31 MB
Download TortoiseCVS-1.12.1-RC5.exe

Tortoise CVS. Control version software. Full integration with Xailer from version 2.3

Tortoise group 24.53 MB
Download ResHacker.exe

Utility to view and edit any 32 bits executable file resources

Angus Johnson 861.00 KB
Download icofxsetup.exe

Ico FX - Free Professional icon editor

Attila Kovrig 1.47 MB

Utility to see all the open IP ports.

Nir Sofer 62.86 KB
Download TortoiseSVN-

Version control Subversion (

Tortoise group 13.39 KB
Download vm.rar

Library VM.LIG of xHarbour modified to avoid the error: 'Destructors disabled! Destructor of class: 'TOLEAUTO' can't be executed' When quitting from the application. 2.0 180.80 KB
Download HBDbfEditor.rar

DbfEditor build with the next Xailer for Harbour Preliminary version requesting feedback for any bug found. TIA.

Xailer 2.03 MB
Download complements.rar

Complements is a library to handle a data model with Xailer. Allow the creation of lists of objects (ArrayList) that can be handled with style Java ListIterator or xBase style with navigator. Using the string class to encapsulate all string handling functions in the object and by dtDate class simplifies the use of Date and DateTime data type.

Jose Alfonso Suarez Moreno 2.7 (Harbour) 44.87 KB
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